Resources, Expenditure and Our Responsibilities:

Annual budget of the Centre for its routine expenses on educational, social welfare and propagation and Da'wah programs and activities is of the order of two crores of rupees. Besides this, we also have to spend amounts running into crores of rupees on the purchase of new properties, on building projects, on publications, and so on.

The Centre was built just on foundations of our hope and trust in India. There are so far no permanent sources of income, however. Our efforts for generation of permanent resources are on, and we hope that, slowly but surely, Allah will enable us to generate our resources on permanent basis. As things stand at present, our main source of income is charities and donations from our friends, philanthropists and well-wishers. We have no hesitation in recognizing that our friends and ideological associates have so far done their level best to support us and we hope that, if Allah wills, they will continue to support us in the future as well.

There is no denying the fact that, because of being situated in the historical city of Delhi and engaged in the stupendous task of promoting education, research, literary compositions and Da'wah activities, the Centre has acquired great importance at both national and international levels. Its branches extend great distances in the length and breadth of the country. The Centre has seen many dreams for the future whose fulfilment is but within the domain of Allah alone. It is, however, the duty of us all to make sacrifices for the sacred mission of popularizing and propagating our beloved faith. History has brought us at a juncture where it is imperative that we all strive our best to save our coming generations from falling into the error of polytheism, innovation, disbelief, infidelity, anarchy and moral degradation. If we can feel the pulse of the time and have the capacity to peep into the shape of things in the future, we cannot but realize that, if we fail to perform the important duty of equipping our children with proper religious education and create in them a fervour to preserve and propagate the right beliefs, we will not be able to guard our coming generations against the onslaught of polytheism and disbelief that is bracing to hit us hard from all sides.

Dear friends! We have tried this Centre of ours to be a fortress and a nursery of Islam that prepares your children to successfully beat back the onslaught of untruth heading towards us.. We, therefore, call upon all of you to come, join hands with us in our task of achieving glory in this world and prosperity in the Hereafter. Peoples and nations attain glory by making sacrifices. If they lose their spirit of sacrifice, they end up getting consigned in the dustbin of history.

It is, therefore, the religious duty of us all that we join hands together for the fulfilment of the mission that we are pursuing lest the historian of tomorrow should write that the Muslims of India failed to comprehend the new realities of the world at a crucial juncture in history and wrote down the script of their own decline and destruction. May Allah protect us from all this. Amen!