Khadijatul Kubra Girls Public School

Khadijatul Kubra Girls Public School, Joga Bai, New Delhi

This English medium school imparts high quality modern education along with Islamic education from nursery to the X standard. Thus, alongside modern subjects the school conducts courses for teaching the reading of the Holy Qur'an, the teaching of Urdu and Arabic languages and the teaching of correct Islamic beliefs and injunctions under the supervision of well-qualified, trained and competent lady teachers. Quality education, good upbringing, exemplary Islamic environment, efficient management and excellent performance are some of the features of the school that have lured the families living in various parts of Delhi even into withdrawing their daughters from other schools and colleges and opt for this school. Bright students from good families in increasing numbers are joining the school where they are being nurtured in an environment that is full of the fragrance of pure Tawheed and adherence to the Suunah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the code of Islamic dress and ethics. Four buses are currently at the disposal of the school for carrying the girls from home to school and back.

Allah be thanked that the school is duly recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi. Its program of education in general subjects is based on the NCERT syllabus. In addition, courses in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language prepared by teams of expert academicians are also taught at the school. With a view to enhancing the capabilities of the students and equipping them with modern technical knowledge, a computer section has been instituted in the school with positive results.

It is worth mentioning that the National Informatics Olympiad (NIO) organized an all-India written contest to test proficiency in computers among school going girls in January 2005. About 1,200 schools from all over India participated in the event and just 100 schools passed the test. Khadijatul Kubra Girls Public School came out with flying colours in the contest. Its students secured prominent positions, won gold and silver medals for the school and were selected for participation in the International Olympiad Competition held in August 2005. The NIO congratulated the school on its brilliant performance and presented a shield and letters of appreciation to the principal and computer teachers of the school.