Eminent Visitors

Some other prominent personalities that honoured the Centre with their visit are the Minister of Education and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India. Besides this, several members of parliament and of state assemblies of the country as well as other notable figures of the Muslim community and representatives of several schools, centres and universities also visited our institutions and lauded the services to Islam and the community rendered by these institutions.

Similarly, hundreds of prominent personalities of the world of Islam have extended their congratulations and appreciation for the Centre's commendable activities and achievements. Most prominent among them are: Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, President of Presidency of Islamic Research, Ifta, and Propagation, Riyadh, KSA.

Some of the internationally known Islamic figures not only lauded the praiseworthy efforts rendered by the Centre in the field of research, Da'wah and education but also recorded their impressions in black and white. With a view to avoiding further details we reproduce below in English the translation of the comments of His Eminence Shaikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Rashid Al Qa'ud, Director General of Da'wah for Foreign Countries a subsidiary department of the Presidency of Islamic Research, Ifta, and Propagation, Riyadh, KSA:

"I visited the Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre, New Delhi and carefully surveyed its various branches and institutions. What I saw is undoubtedly a tremendous achievement obtained in a short span of time, such as would not have been possible except by Allah's Graciousness and the untiring effort of a large team of office bearers, especially that of the eminent scholar Shaikh Abdul Hameed Rahmani.

On seeing the wide-ranging activities and getting myself acquainted with the Centre, established and run with the help and cooperation of the people, and with the massive plans of the future I see in it the same massiveness of scale, depth and grandeur as is evidenced in the institutions established with the help and limitless power and resources of established governments.

I do hope that the day is not far off when the Centre's educational, Da'wah and constructive programs will attain their fullest fruition, and it will establish itself as a strong fortress of knowledge and the loftiest tower of research, Da'wah and propagation (of Islam), In Shaa Allah." (March 1987)