Abul Kalam Azad Junior High School

Abul Kalam Azad Junior High School, Gaur Bazar, Basti, U.P.

The School is located in Gaur Bazar, a township some 30 kilometers from the well-known city of Basti in UP. The township, being served by a railway station, has assumed a central position in the area. The school offers quality education up to the VIII standard through a well-conceived and well-designed curriculum that represents a fine blend of modern and time-honoured courses in arts and sciences. In addition to the local inhabitants, large numbers of students from distant areas, including those of non-Muslim parents, are also enrolled in the school. The school has an adequate number of buses and rickshaws for the pick-and-drop of students. Thanks to the professional approach in the teaching and character-building of students programs adopted by qualified and hardworking teachers the school has earned a good name in the neighbourhood and, as a result, enrolment in the school has been growing steadily year after year.