Problem & Difficulties

It is an established fact that the greater the magnitude of a constructive undertaking or work the more intense and numerous will be the hurdles and difficulties created in its way. True to the dictum, right from the beginning, our institution also has been the target of numerous internal and external malevolent acts and conspiracies. Attempts were made to illegally occupy its land, the mosque it built was demolished, a section of ill-intentioned press carried a campaign of vilification against it and false cases were concocted and filed against it in courts. Some of the cases are still being fought in various courts of Delhi and outside.

For an all-India level institution of gigantic magnitude committed to promoting educational, Da'wah and welfare activities it was no surprise that certain ill-intentioned and mischievous elements should have infiltrated into its cadre with nefarious designs. And it is a part of human nature that when, in case of a genuine act of indiscipline, disciplinary actions are taken against certain individuals, they throw all norms of decency and moral bahaviour to winds and, in order to avenge their humiliation, take cudgels into their hands and do their utmost to strike the dispensation at its very roots. Such people perhaps forget that Allah has said in His Book: Surely We, even We, have sent down the Remembrance and surely We will guard it. (15:9)

Implied in the promise to protect the Revelation that He has sent down is also the Sunnah of His Prophet and the faith founded on these two sources. He also protects the centres and institutions that disseminate the knowledge based on Allah's Book and the Prophet's Sunnah and tread the path carved by the Pious Predecessors, invests them with stability and strength and makes them lovable in the eyes of His virtuous servants. He even enables His servants to accomplish their tasks and frustrates the evil designs of their adversaries. The servants thus engaged in fruitful ventures also need to rectify their mistakes, avoid even the slightest semblance of arrogance and hypocrisy, put absolute trust in Almighty Allah, conduct their affairs with tolerance and fortitude and have faith in Allah's words, (i) Surely, along with every hardship is relief (94:5) and (ii) And be patient with what they say, and keep way from them in a good way (73:10)

We thank Almighty Allah that He, in His benevolence, gave us the strength to withstand all the trials, tribulations and conspiracies hatched to wreck our ship from within and without. For the future also we beg Almighty Allah to give us the strength to carry out our mission with sincerity of purpose, perseverance and fortitude. O Allah, guide us and keep us on the right track and leave us not to our whims even for as little as the twinkling of an eye and give right direction to all our affairs, since there is none worthy of worship but You!