Mahad-Al-Swalihat Institute

Mahad-Al-Swalihat Institute, Aunrahwa, Balrampur, U.P.

This Girls Institute situated in Aunrahwa, a largely populated well-known village in the district of Balrampur (UP), is run by the Centre's premier institution Jamia Al-Banat Al-Islamia, Joga Bai, New Delhi. The institute offers excellent teaching and training services featuring side-by-side education in religious and modern subjects from primary to 'Alimiyyat and Fadeelat levels. Keen as the institute is to improve the lot of the daughters of the community, it also instructs them into skills like stitching, embroidery and other domestic science related subjects. Female teachers, well-qualified and proficient in their subjects, have been employed for the purpose. Thanks to the institute's high standards, it has already won the hearts of the people of the area and hence the graph of the total number of girls enrolled in the institute is steadily going up and up. As for the output, 102 girl students have already graduated from the institute.