Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Institute

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Institute, Aligarh, U.P.

The Institute, hopefully an educational and character-building landmark, was established in the month of Shawwal 1425 (December 2004) in the historical city of Aligarh known for its great educational and literary heritage as well as for the many great personalities it produced in the various fields of life.

Teaching program and activity in the Institute started with memorization of the Holy Qur'an. The program is organized and executed in a way that, within a span of just a few months, the learners are able to recite the Holy Qur'an in strict accordance with the rules of articulation, intonation and recitation.

Problems were galore and funds were short but, realizing the pressing need of the time and spurred by the keenness of the inhabitants of the area, we put our trust in Allah, took the decisive step and, alongside the memorization of the Holy Qur'an, in Shawwal 1427 (November 2006), we even introduced a four-year comprehensive program of teaching Islamic subjects together with modern subjects up to the Middle level (Lower to 3 rd Preparatory, according to the Arabic system of education).

On completion of this Arabic course the students will, if Allah wills, join the Jamia Islamia Sanabil, New Delhi for the pursuit of their higher education.

Thanks are due to Allah that students from various parts of India and Nepal are pursuing their studies in the institute that also takes care of their boarding, lodging and other necessities of life.
On successfully completing the course the students earn the title of being admitted to Jamia Islamia Sanabil, New Delhi for higher education.
Allah be thanked that currently students from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal and Nepal are pursuing their studies in the Institute.