Key Aspects

The educational institutions run by the Centre are dedicated to making efforts to create in the hearts of the youngsters of the Muslim Ummah, thirsting for the pure nectar of Islam, a passion to draw inspiration and guidance direct from the Quran and Sunnah and join the caravan of the community as its rightful co-travellers and leaders.

The Centre is not a body merely concerned with overseeing a stereotyped mode of learning and teaching; it is rather a nursery for nurturing the minds and brains of the young of the community to carry out the work of Da'wah and prepare them to meet the challenges of this age of spiritual crisis and establish the relevance and truth of Islam and its teachings, on scientific principles.

The curriculum of education sponsored by the Centre represents a happy blend of traditional and modern systems of education. Here is imparted knowledge of modern subjects side by side religion and Arabic language so that the students are able to understand the latest issues and problems emerging from developments in the field of science and technology and offer solutions to them in the light of the teachings of the Qurán and Sunnh.

The Centre has established separate residential educational institutions for boys and girls at its various campuses in Delhi and outside Delhi. Boarding facilities are considered necessary for the students so that they are able to pursue their studies and gain profitable knowledge and education in a cool, clean and serene atmosphere away from the traditional homes and environment of their localities.

This Centre is an entity where, not co-education, but segregation of sexes in educational institutions is a firmly followed rule. Consequently, several segregated institutions for both religious and civil education are functioning in Delhi and outside Delhi.

In proper Delhi, which is the heart of the country, the Centre itself and a number of educational, research and welfare institutions run by it are located in a calm and salubrious environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in the well-known educational district of Jamia Nagar, on the banks of the river Yamuna, opposite Kalindi Kunj Park in Abul Fazl Enclave II.

In order to promote and maintain close interaction between the pupils and the faculty, joint lodging facilities have been provided for both the students and the teachers. They also have a common dining hall so that the pupils can learn to have their meals and share them with others in discipline and dignity. The Centre is also particular about matters of healthcare and physical needs of the students. That is why sports and games are an integral part of our curriculum. As a matter of routine, the students play games like football and volleyball in the afternoon in a manner that does not conflict with the Islamic code of ethics and behaviour. Similar arrangements have also been made for the female students of Ayesha Siddiqua Shari'ah College.